STATE OF PRINT (SOP) Border and Embassy opened (GMT)

at 46 Grand Parade Gallery, Cork,  Ireland,  13 -23 June 2019

Cork Printmakers,  Wandesford Quay, Clarke’s Bridge, Cork 13-28 June 2019

Cork City Council Atrium, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork, Ireland,  19-28 June 2019

Collaborative Citizens

SPEAKERS’ CORNER, Cork City Council Atruim, City Hall, Cork,June 18th 2019

Mickey Mallet, Gerry Murphy, Joe Dermody, Padraig  Spillane, Lynne  Marie Dennehy, Nicole Flanagan, Padraig Trehy  and Paul Harrison.  

State of Print at Crawford College of Art and Design, Culture Night, September 19th 2019

Collaborative Citizens 

Rebecca Demody & Podge, War of the Roses 

Open for currency exchange

Holiday Visas and Citizenship available

Live National Folk Music, Spoken Word, Moving Pictures, Printed Matter

The STATE OF PRINT explores the current state of nations and the notion that everything that formalises a nation state is printed – money, maps, laws, information, governments, monarchies etc. At a time when ‘the current state’ of nation power globally is inflexible and dogmatic, this project will provide a creative and theoretical antidote to the current paradigm. The STATE OF PRINT can be manifest in response to any space at any time as both a sculptural form and as a platform for activity – in the form of image production, poetry, debate, performance, music and film.